General requirements

Products are sound, healthy, loose, not frosted (light frost cannot be considered as a defect), wholesome sufficiently developed and ripened (typical in color, flavor, taste), free of pollution and mineral impurities, without presence of pests or foreign bodies. When frozen fruits are hard and brittle, when defrosted soft, but firm enough with leakage of juice. Taste and smell typical for variety, free from unfamiliar odors and tastes.

paper bag 25 kg
carton box + PE-inliner 10 kg or 30 kg
Minimal lasting period : 24 months
Storage conditions : -22°C

Our Products

IQF Strawberry
Whole fruits, slices or dice
Uncalibrated or calibrated according to customer requirements

IQF Sour cherry
Fruits without stone, whole or halves
Uncalibrated or 18-22 mm

IQF Blackcurrant
Whole fruits, destemmed

IQF Redcurrant
Whole fruits, destemmed

Frozen plum
IQF whole fruits, halves or block

IQF elderberry
Destalked or in clusters

Frozen rowanberry
Destalked or in clusters

IQF gooseberry

IQF chokeberry
Destalked fruits